How to choose a tapping tools material and coating?

When we tapping threads, there are many types of taps for you to choose from. How can we choose them? Such as tapping hardened steel, tapping cast iron, or tapping aluminum, how should we do?

1. High-speed steel: Currently widely used as tap material, such as M2 (W6Mo5Cr4V2, 6542), M3, etc., we call it HSS.

2. Cobalt high-speed steel: Currently widely used as tap materials, such as M35, M42, etc., it called HSS-E.

3. Powder metallurgy high-speed steel: used as a high-performance tap material, its performance is significantly improved compared to the above two, and the naming methods of each manufacturer are also different, with the marking code being HSS-E-PM.

4. Tungsten carbide: usually choose ultrafine carbide grade, mainly used for manufacturing straight flute tap processing short chip materials, such as carbide taps for gray cast iron, carbide taps for hardened steel, carbide tap for aluminum, etc., we call it carbide taps.

Threading taps

much rely on materials, and selecting good materials can further optimize the structural parameters of the tap, making it suitable for efficient and more demanding working conditions, while also having a longer lifespan.

carbide tap-1

Coating of tap

1. Steam oxidation: The tap is placed in high-temperature water vapor to form a layer of oxide film on its surface, which has good adsorption on the coolant and can reduce friction, while preventing adhesion between the tap and the material being cut. It is suitable for processing soft steel.

2. Nitriding treatment: The surface of the tap is nitrided to form a surface hardening layer, suitable for processing materials such as cast iron and cast aluminum that have a high wear resistance to cutting tools.

3. TiN: Golden yellow coating, with good coating hardness and lubricity, and good coating adhesion performance, suitable for processing most materials.

4. TiCN: Blue gray coating, with a hardness of approximately 3000HV and a heat resistance of up to 400 ° C.

5. TiN+TiCN: Deep yellow coating with excellent coating hardness and lubricity, suitable for processing the vast majority of materials.

6. TiAlN: Blue gray coating, hardness 3300HV, heat resistance up to 900 ° C, suitable for high-speed machining.

7. CrN: Silver gray coating with excellent lubrication performance, mainly used for processing non-ferrous metals.

carbide tap-2


Post time: Oct-13-2023