forming taps Carbide thread taps Machine Taps for steel, stainless

Short Description:

Tool material: carbide, tungsten steel, wolfram steel, HSSE, HSS-PM, Application material: rolled steel/copper product/aluminium Available size: ISO metric D0.02~D60, UN, UNC, UFS, standard, din or JIS. Customization size milling cutter For more size requirements, please contact us.

Applicable machine: CNC machine, Tapping machine, Customization machine etc. special purpose machine, 5-axis CNC machine tool, Additional tapping machine tool

Product Detail

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Facts and advantages

Chip free machining

Fit for both blind and through hole threads with a single tool

Stable peformance on threading, as no flutes are required

Can be used in all formable materials

Longer tool life thanks to new geometry and coating


Customization a variety of specifications,

ISO metric thread, UN thread

Shank quare size according to customer requirements to meet different fixtures.


Quality control

Forming taps are 100% inspected, sure accurancy  tolerance matches the size of go gauge and no go gauge.

Threading quality and qualification ensured.

Tool life

We use carbide materials to ensure the stability of products from raw materials

Match appropriate coating according to the workpiece materials. Thanks the high precesion thread grinding equipment to make sure stable quality for our products.



Product production, inspection and display

Before ordering, please communicate with our pre-sales customer service:

1. Workpiece material

2. Whether product is surface treated after processing

3. Accuracy requirements, size of go gauge and no go gauge.

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