T-Slot Milling Cutter Solid Carbide end mill Router Bit For CNC Machining

Short Description:

Tool material:

tungsten steel,cemented carbide

Applicable machine:

Difficult material milling cutter, mainly used to make stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, suitable for machining centers, lathes, drilling machines, etc

Product Detail

Product Tags

Adopting tungsten steel base material for stronger wear resistance

Tungsten steel base material has high wear resistance and strength

Greatly improves the service life of the cutting tool.

Nanostructured coating reduces frictional heat generation

The edge is covered with coating to enhance the wear resistance of the milling cutter and the lubricity of the cutter body, thereby reducing friction and reducing tool wear.


Strong cutting, smooth chip removal, sharp and wear-resistant

Smooth chip removal during the processing can effectively reduce product breakage and wear. Sharp, wear-resistant and smooth cutting, greatly improving cutting efficiency

Fully sharpened blade, seismic design

Sharper and more durable, reducing the amplitude during the processing, greatly improving the quality of the processed surface.



Before ordering, please communicate with our pre-sales customer service:

1. Workpiece material

2. Whether product is surface treated after processing

3. size of go gauge and no go gauge.

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