Tungsten Steel Taper Medical Bone Plate Thread Milling Cutter Spiral Groove

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Tool material:  Tungsten steel

Applicable materials:Medical titanium alloy, stainless steel, cobalt chromium molybdenum,etc

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Applicable materials:

Medical titanium alloy, stainless steel, cobalt chromium molybdenum,etc.

Special thread milling cutter for titanium alloy bone plate materials, with high smoothness, smooth cutting, stable size, wear-resistant and long-lasting holding of conical spiral grooves, making the tool more durable.


It is specially used for titanium alloy bone plate material,with highfinish,smooth cutting,stable size and durable wear resistance.

The unique taper spiral groove makes the tool more durable.



We use tungsten steel materials to ensure the stability of products from raw materials

Match appropriate coating according to the workpiece materials. Thanks the high precesion thread grinding equipment to make sure stable quality for our products.

Product production, inspection 

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