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Spiral carbide taps are specifically designed to long chip materials, making them ideal for aluminum machining.The spiral flute design effective chip evacuation, preventing chip accumulation, and minimizing the risk of tool breakage. By efficiently removing the long chips it helps maintain the integrity of the workpiece and improve the overall machining process’s efficiency

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Advantages of Spiral Carbide Taps for Aluminum Machining:
1. Superior Chip Evacuation: Preventing chip jamming, and facilitating a smooth machining process.

2. Extended Tool Life: Thanks to premium carbide material, spiral carbide taps exhibit exceptional wear resistance, resulting in a longer tool life and reduced cutting tool replacement costs.

3. Enhanced Surface Finish: The precise cutting geometry of spiral carbide taps allows for clean and accurate machining, resulting in improved surface finish and dimensional accuracy of machined aluminum components.

4. Increased Machining Speed: With the optimized chip evacuation and heat dissipation provided by spiral carbide taps, higher cutting speeds can be achieved without compromising tool life or workpiece integrity.


By investing in spiral carbide taps designed specifically for aluminum, manufacturers can optimize their machining processes and achieve superior results in the rapidly evolving industries that rely on this versatile material.

Typical application01

Automotive Industry: Aluminum components are extensively used in modern automobiles, and spiral carbide taps are invaluable for machining processes in engine parts, transmission components, and chassis structures.

Typical application 02

Aerospace Industry: Aluminum alloys play a vital role in aircraft manufacturing, and spiral carbide taps are essential for creating precision parts for aircraft engines, wing structures, and frames.


Typical application 03

 Electronics Industry: With the increasing demand for lightweight electronic devices, aluminum is frequently used in the production of casings and heat sinks. Spiral carbide taps ensure accurate machining and uniform threads in these applications.

Product production, inspection and display

Before ordering, please communicate with our pre-sales customer service:

1. Workpiece material

2. Whether product is surface treated after processing

3. Accuracy requirements, size of go gauge and no go gauge.

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