Carbide Taps, Threading tools-tap and dies, carbide tap for hardened steel, Tungsten steel tap, Tungsten steel threading tool, screw tap

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Tool material: carbide, kentanium, tungsten steel, wolfram steel, HSSE, HSS-PM, Application material: rolled steel/copper product/aluminium Available size: ISO metric D0.02~D60, UN, UNC, UFS, standard, din or JIS. Customization size milling cutter For more size requirements, please contact us.

Applicable machine: CNC machine, Tapping machine, Customization machine etc. special purpose machine, 5-axis CNC machine tool, Additional tapping machine tool

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High quality coating, high precision tap grinder technology, can ensure the durability and life of tungsten steel tap; Ensure the stability of tapping!

Product application range

Teeth are used in all industries of connection pieces, all kinds of materials to tap teeth! For example, automobile engine, aircraft manufacturing, home appliances manufacturing, mobile phone manufacturing, etc., all need to attack teeth! How to choose a good tap supplier, very important!

Comparative advantages of peers

· OPT taps are unique: more than 25 years of production technology;

· OPT uses coatings 40% stronger than normal coatings;

· Our chip free extrusion taps and cutting taps, tungsten steel materials and powder metallurgy high speed steel materials, are first-class quality;

Comparative advantages of peers

Equipped with new super lattice coating technology, high-precision tap grinding machine, 25 years of technology precipitation, processing experience in various industries, are beyond the reach of other manufacturers!

Our tap application in the mobile phone industry

We have a wide range of tap products with high quality

Company advantage

Mobile phone industry tap requirements of high precision, tap is very small, stainless steel material. Titanium alloy. Aluminum alloy, materials are difficult to process, our company has the corresponding solutions!

Product advantage

According to the different processing materials, we can design different taps! You can use hard alloy tap, you can also use high speed steel tap, you can also choose powder metallurgy high speed steel tap! Tap construction can be spiral or straight groove!

Product advantage

Customize a variety of specifications, shapes, and sizes. According to different processing conditions, choose different tap materials, including the size of the handle, in order to meet the requirements of different machine tools and fixtures.

Technological advantage

When you have special requirements, such as the bottom need to avoid the hole, or the bottom need to drill, we can according to your production conditions, increase the hole on the tap, or increase the cutting edge of drilling and milling, in order to meet the different needs of different customers!

Characteristic advantage

NPT, UNF. UNC tap, pipe thread seal tap, T thread tap, our company can produce processing!

Characteristic advantage

The main functions and advantages of drilling and tapping integrated tap

· Drilling and tapping at the same time to improve work efficiency;

· Ensure machining accuracy;

· Can be produced on special machine tools;

After-sales service

Lifetime Warranty

* If your tap tool needs grinding, you can also come to us OEM, and we will provide you with the technical support you want.

We are professional thread tapping tool manufacturers, can make all kinds of milling cutter, drill, high speed steel taps and carbide taps, also can make some broach!

Tip tap and spiral groove tap

There are many kinds of tap, the shape of the shank and the requirements of the tap and the material requirements are different, please pay attention to the order, also can find our customer service staff, ask for more detailed information

Spiral groove coated side cooling tap

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