What kind of drill bit is used for drilling stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a difficult to machine material with poor cutting performance, which causes significant friction on the drill bit. Therefore, the drill bit for drilling stainless steel requires heat-resistant and wear-resistant materials, and the CNC tool edge must be sharp,Therefore, it is not practical to use ordinary Fried Dough Twists drills. It is better to use two kinds of drills, namely, Carbide drill bit and Stainless steel chip breaking drill bit.
The advantage of a carbide drill bit is that it has no lateral edge and can reduce axial force by 50%. The front angle of the drill center is positive, the edge is sharp, and the thickness of the drill center increases, improving the rigidity of the drill bit. The distribution of the circular cutting edge and chip discharge groove is reasonable, making it easy to cut chips into small pieces.

Carbide drill bit1

Using a carbide drill bit to drill stainless steel is relatively suitable. If there is no carbide drill bit, a regular drill bit can also be used to drill. However, it is important to note that the rotational speed should be lower during drilling, and the back corner of the drill bit should be ground larger and the side edge should be narrowed, which can reduce the friction between the side edge and the hole wall. In addition, when drilling, you can add some vinegar to the drill bit, which will make it easier to drill the hole.

The straight line of the carbide drill hole is good, and the cutting length is short. There are multiple pit shaped chip breaking grooves on the front face of the blade, which has good cutting performance, especially reliable chip breaking. The chips are in a consistent form of broken and curled chips. 

The internal cooling makes the Cutting fluid spray directly to the drilling surface, improving the cooling effect and facilitating chip removal. Especially, aluminum blades of different grades can be used according to the workpiece material, with a cutting speed of 80-120m/min, making drilling relatively light and fast.

 Carbide drill bit2(1)

Post time: Jul-10-2023