Selection of carbide milling cutters

Carbide milling cutters are generally mainly used in CNC machining centers and CNC engraving machines. It can also be installed on ordinary milling machines to process some relatively hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials. Carbide milling cutters are widely used and use high-speed machining. Carbide milling cutters have high hardness, usually directly in HRA93-97, second only to diamonds. Because Carbide milling cutters have the characteristics of being less prone to wear and are brittle, hard, and not afraid of annealing, their application range is very wide.

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We all know that when using Solid Carbide milling cutters, the requirement is hardness. High hardness carbide milling cutters can greatly improve the adaptability, working speed, service life, and so on. However, how to improve the hardness of this type of milling cutter is a problem, as not all milling cutters produced by manufacturers in the market have hardness advantages, To improve the hardness of this Carbide milling cutter, several conditions must be met. One is to have good materials. Carbide milling cutter products are processed from materials, and only good materials can ensure their hardness.

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This is an important prerequisite, but many manufacturers, either because their production conditions have not been met or because they have reduced production costs, use inferior carbide materials, which makes it difficult to have better hardness because the materials do not have hardness, and the milling cutter is also difficult to show hardness. Choosing a carbide milling cutter material depends on the manufacturer, and the manufacturer needs to have production adaptability, At the same time, it is necessary to have a corresponding reputation. Only when these two points are met, high-quality carbide materials will be used to ensure the hardness of carbide milling cutters.

High hardness carbide End mills not only need to improve the material quality, but also need to have better craftsmanship. No matter how good the carbide material is, it must meet the conditions of the craftsmanship in order to have better production requirements. For example, in production, if the manufacturer’s craftsmanship is insufficient, high-quality carbide will deteriorate due to high temperature, and the deteriorated material will be difficult to have the original hardness. In the production of such Carbide milling cutters, either during forming or welding, there are many high temperature environments that can cause the Carbide material to deteriorate without high technology.

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Post time: Jul-13-2023