Drill bits for machining high-hard steel materials

Short Description:

Tool material:  tungsten steel,cemented carbide, kentanium

Applicable machine:Carbide forming tool is a kind of processing a variety of complex shapes of the tool, can be designed according to the shape of the hole shape! Suitable for five axis machining center, lathe, drilling machine, etc

Product Detail

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The drill is made of imported hard alloy material, which can process materials with hardness <60. It is about 20 times longer than the high-speed steel drill bit and about 5 times more efficient

Processing case

Workpiece material hardness: HRC52

hole depth: 35mm

aperture size:D11.2

recommended parameter:

Vc=40m/min fr=0.16mm/r


cutting life: 8000hole

Product advantages

According to different materials to be processed, choose different materials and coatings, can improve the durability and accuracy of the tool, better control the tool cost

The processing of the drill point is very important, especially the processing of the cross edge, which is related to the service life of the tool and the accuracy of the drilling! Our 20 years of cutter design and manufacturing experience, more targeted to do a good job of each type of drill

The Angle and finish of the spiral groove are also very important, and with high quality coating, the processing efficiency of customers can be greatly improved

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